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If you are located 25 miles outside of Montgomery, Alabama you must add on a travel fee!!

Book your session early enough to allow us travel time. For Example, it takes us 1 hour to travel to Troy(50 mile add on). If you are looking to have your photos taken at 4pm, you would need to make your reservation one hour earlier at 3pm. Another Example, It takes us 2 hours to travel to the University of Alabama(100 mile add on). If you are looking to have photos at 4pm you would need to reserve your session starting at 2pm. If you have further questions email us or send us a message on the website.


Tuskegee = 40 miles

Auburn = 50 miles

Alabama = 100 miles

UAB = 100 miles

Troy = 50 miles 

Alabama A&M = 200 miles


- Unlimited outfit changes. 

- Includes backdrop color of choice (Depending on color availability)

- High resolution edits: Number of edits vary depending on category (watermarked proofs to all images taken at the shoot) 

- Each additional edit is $15.

- For all unedited images it’s $100 additional 

- Turnaround time 5-10 business days.

- Prep time, early access to studio or dressing room areas are not allowed due to capacity issues.

- Pet Policy: The more time pets spend in the studio, the greater the risk for loud barking, scratching, or even "accidents" to happen. So to avoid making our other clients uncomfortable or distracted during their session time, we request that pets only be brought into the studio when the photographer is ready to take those specific shots. 

- Smoking of any kind is prohibited while on the grounds of MGimages

staff reserves the right to decline service to any underage client if the attire is deemed inappropriate for a minor

- MGimages staff reserves the right to decline service to any underage client if the attire is deemed inappropriate for a minor


- A maximum of 2, un-photographed guests are allowed per session


- Arriving late to your appointment will effect the amount of studio time you will be able to receive, and session extensions may not be available.


- All appointments and payments are final 48hrs prior to the session time. Refunds will not be provided, and payments can not be applied to future sessions unless Session Insurance has been purchased prior to the deadline.

- Each additional person added to the photo session is $25. (ALL ADDITIONAL GUESTS MUST WEAR A MASK)


Cancellation Policy

- All appointments made within 48hrs from the reservation time are final unless appointment insurance has been purchase.

- Refunds are not provided for sessions canceled within 48hrs of the appointment time, and payments can not be transferred to future reservations.

- In the event that company property, equipment, or props are damaged by you or your guests during your session, MGimages has the right to withhold your photo gallery until payment for a replacement, or repair has been received.

- Late fee charge of $25, if you are 15 minutes over the scheduled time. Retainers are non-refundable.

Retainers are non-refundable.





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